Hijab Tutorial by Hijabellove using a Satin Scarf

I'm in love with the finished-look of this tutorial by Hijabellove. In this tutorial, the model is using a square satin scarf from Hijabellove's latest collection, The Coffee Break Series, code: Thai Tea. The tutorial also is quite simple to be done. I've been trying it out using my square cotton scarf, and been satisfied with the finished-look.

I haven't tried it out using a satin scarf that's usually more 'slippery'.. so, I can't tell whether I will wrap it well or not... yet one thing I love from high-quality satin material is its soft glow-y look.

Do you like this look? Go try it using your satin scarf, then tell me how is it?

[Image courtesy of Hijabellove]




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