Living in Style: 28-Minute Workout by Kayla Itsines

2016, new year, new goals.

Lately I've been into workouts and sports again. After years of having no "proper" workouts... busy doing things as a mom and a homemaker. Although I love doing sports or workouts since I was a kid, but after having children, I've never really done or arranged time to get proper workouts. But we will never get a chance to workout if we never make it as our priority in life, won't we?

So, long story short, start this year, I'm willing to take some time and re-arrange my routine so that I can have time to do a proper workouts (like jogging, home-workouts, join a gym club, join sport club, or etc.). And I also plan to sometimes include posts about 'workout finds' I love here, on the blog. I hope this sort of post will be useful and loveable also for you, Lovelies...

For my first post in this category, I'd love to share an exercise-plan, custom designed by Kayla Itsines for The Zoe Report -- I'm an avid reader of Zoe Report if you're wondering how I find this video -- for enviably toned muscles. I love this exercise-plan as it can be done at home, shows a breakdown of each moves in a set of time and amount, the moves look simple to do and are what I need right now: strengthen the muscles and helping your body back in shape... When Kayla looks so easy doing these moves, on the other hand, I'm having a hard time here!

All I need is keep moving and keep the spirit! A proper exercise would be a great investment for our life... don't you agree?

Photo and video: @kayla_itsines, via The Zoe Report




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