Outfit: Pattern Mix

Mixing patterns is not my usual style. I actually am not that brave to stylishly mixing bold patterns or clashing bold colors. But I'm willing to learn how to do it better. For today's outfit post, these patterns feel right with a bit pop of red. I wore this for a walk when doing my errands later this week. At the first time, I only want to match this shirt with the skirt.. Eventhough they are different in patterns (the shirt's pattern is floral, and the skirts' is plaid), but they are being in the same color-palette. Then I put on this shawl accidentally -- as I just wanted to feel the material at first, and it felt so soft and comfortable, so I decided to wear it instead --. I didn't change my clothes because I thought the color-palette of my clothes (shirt and skirt) were already in neutrals (earth-toned colors), so it's 'safe' enough to mix them with this shawl which has bold pattern and colors yet still in a dark shade. So I thought I won't look "too crowded" (no?).

Point One shirt
skirt (thrifted)
shawl (a gift, bought in Bangkok, Thailand)
old socks 
*pictures by Lady Elmas




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