Outfit: "Polka Dots"

The polka dots print on this peach chiffon dress I was wearing were not actually dots.. They are more likely small white clouds. I love polka dots.. yet, if I have to choose, I prefer something that look like polka dots but not really a "dots". Even though polka dots are a true classic, but it seems that they have been too "mainstream" -- It doesn't mean that I won't be wearing polka dots anymore. No! I do have several clothes with polka dots prints and I still love wearing them... 

This small clouds print dress is an example of dots-look-alike print I love. I also have seen beautiful dresses with a print of apples, oranges, duck-eggs, cherries, ladybirds, clover leaves... At a glance, they all look like dots but actually they aren't. Those kind of prints are sort of a new take on polka dots.. a twisted version of polka dots. They felt more individual and refreshing!

Beneath the dress I was wearing a textured blouse with dots motif. These dots are fun, too, because they are embossed dots and you just can feel their velvet-y surface! 

I usually paired this dress with a plain-colored cardigan. But this time I tried to style it differently: by wearing it over a blouse. I just randomly grabbed this blouse, and the result: mixing these two patterns of dots in different two materials is so fun! I love the fact that they accidentally have similar pattern, and the fun addition is: this is a perfect mix between the softness of a flowy light-weight chiffon fabric with the "roughness" of a textured, embossed-patterned fabric.

Tod's sunglasses (a gift from Harpers Bazaar 
Indonesia x Optik Seis)
dress (thrifted)
inner blouse (thrifted)
trousers (old, similar)
peach checkered socks (old)

*pictures by Lady Elmas, camera setting by me



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