Style Tips: A Simple Guide to Choose Your Signature Hijab's Color

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Are you like me... often get confused on picking which color of hijab should I buy? Do I suit that color? Will that color compliment my look?
Or, do you tend to buy headscarves in all colors that available just so it would match each of your colorful outfits?
Actually, I always think that we don’t need to have headscarves in so many colors (especially if you are in a budget! ). We basically only need to have a few basic colors as our signature (colors that suit you best, will compliment your look, and the most importantly, make you comfortable when wearing it). And these signature colors usually can go well with pretty much any colors of your outfit -- we don’t have to be 'being matchy-matchy’ from head to toe, do we?

I remembered Hana Tajima, one of the well-known Muslimah style icons, back then, about few years ago when she still had a style blog 'Style Covered'; in her outfit pictures, she styled her headscarf mostly in the same styling, using the same scarf/shawl in the same hue.. paired with whatever outfit she was wearing. So, it's kind of her signature style. It became a big trend those days, and everyone seemed getting inspired or mimic-ing exactly her hijab style.

[Images: courtesy of Hana Tajima]
For me, personally, I love chocolaty colors (dark brown, dark mocha, bronze, terracotta, golden brown), burnt orange, deep mustard, olive green, and dark grey. I think dark shades beautifully compliment my look. White and other light colors and sky-blue seem make my skin tone looks darker than it is. Bright red just doesn't get along well with my personality... Still I think I need to find out which color suits me best.

So, how about you? Have you found your 'it' color? 

Here are the tips from our guest writer, Sara of Hijabs For Her, to help you find out “your color”. Beside your personality, style, color preference, and your mood that day, there's a simple guide to pick up your ‘it’ color. 


A simple guide to choose your signature hijab’s color

We have seen Muslim girls wearing hijab. Muslims are wearing a headscarf on the head so that their hairs remain covered, but still they can look beautiful and pretty if worn properly. Here is a simple guide that will help you choosing the right color (or color-palette) as your signature hijab’s color so that it will compliment your whole look: 

Choose the Colors
Hijab usually means dress that worn along with the headscarf. Scarves are used to cover the head and around your face. For your hijab, choose shades that suit your personality. Choosing the shades that fits your personality and style would be the best option. Yet, instead of choosing grey or any other dark shades, try to choose some prismatic hues (Prismatic colors are the colors that can be seen when white light goes through a prism. Examples of the prismatic colors are red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet).  If you are bold, then you must try brighter colors. Grey and dark shades would work better if you have calm and quiet personality in nature. If not, then you can try some spicy colors.

You must choose scarves of the colors that suits best your eyes
Brown eyes: Chocolaty colors with hues of blue, violet and teal would be the best. Spice up your brown eyes with shades like purple or blue that will make you look out of the crowd.
Green Eyes: If you have green eyes then you must try out the shades of red, peach and pink. These will cheer up your looks.
Blue Eyes: Girls with blue eyes can have headscarf with golden, orange, bronze and brown color. These shades will give you rich look.
Choose the color of hijab (headscarves, or dresses) as per your skin tone
Fairer Skin: You must choose shades of red, orange and brown because the ivory undertones can be easily flattered by warm-end color.
Golden Skin: Beige and golden skin-colored girls can choose hues of blue and green which will balance out the natural warmness of their skin tone.
Chocolate Skin: If you have chocolate hued skin then you can choose plum, peach and coral for your hijab’s color. The bold and warm skin tone will get a soft effect.

That’s it. This simple guide hopefully will help you choosing the right color as your signature hijab’s color and make you look pretty, so better try it. We are sure that after trying such combination you will start loving the hijab and you will look prettier than ever.

At the end, it’s all yours to pick up which one suits you best! Happy weekend, Lovelies!




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