Remix: Four Outfits for Celebrating Chinese Lunar New Year

Chinese Lunar New Year (or in Indonesia so-called Tahun Baru Imlek, or Sin Cia, or Festival Musim Semi) is approaching just around the corner. Some people here commonly celebrate it by having a gathering and a feast with family and friends, watching the Chinese lion dance (Barongsai) performance, eating the signature Chinese-new-year's food (kue keranjang, oranges), wearing red outfit, etc. Several schools celebrate it by introducing Chinese culture to their students, also by experiencing and learning Chinese tradition. When my kids were still in kindergarten, their school used to invite barongsai to school to perform and children also learning Chinese tradition. Parents were invited too, to join their children celebrating the Chinese new year at school. Click through here to see me and the children enjoying that event back then. And, as usual, there was a 'dress code'; to wear Chinese-style or red outfit.

When celebrating the Chinese new year, people usually either wearing Chinese style (such as Chinese traditional piece, cheong-sam collared dress, Chinese patterned piece, etc.), or simply wear red-colored outfit (usually paired with color gold).

Here, I tried to mix-and-match my wardrobe pieces into sort of Chinese-new-year looks -- fortunately, I have one original Chinese traditional coat, passed down from my grandma..  I have created four looks that can be worn, not only for attending Chinese new year's celebration, but also as daily outfit. A little tips from me are:
  • You can choose to totally wearing a whole Chinese traditional outfit, or combined a piece or two Chinese traditional clothing/accessory (a top, skirt, head accessory, or an earrings/brooch) paired with your casual wardrobe pieces. Here, I was wearing my Chinese traditional coat (look 1)
  • You can also simply combine a red piece with color gold. Yet, it's not that you can't mix red with other color. Playing up to try out to mix red with other color -- here, I mixed red with navy blue (look 3 and 4)
  • Don't be hesitate to add your own personality or signature style to the look. Here, I was wearing my vintage dress underneath the traditional coat (look 1), and my favorite oxford shoes (all looks)
  • Add a bit of bling-bling, such as sequins, glitters, satin headscarf, or tassels, for a more formal look -- I wore a glittery skirt (look 2)
Look 1

Look 2

Look 3

Look 4

I got these pieces from various sources. The Chinese traditional coat is from my grandma. The navy vintage dress and yellow cardigan were found at a thrift store. The glittery skirt and the red apron-dress are from my sister. The red tunic was borrowed from my mom. The midi vintage-inspired skirt is a gift from a sponsor. The headscarves, pants, shoes, are old pieces I bought on my own.

Wearing red outfit is a part of Chinese tradition for celebrating the new year. If you are thinking 'why wearing red?', you can read a bit story behind the Chinese tradition in celebrating lunar new year here, in Bahasa Indonesia (written by one of well known Indonesian high-street stores, Matahari, which also provides pretty Chinese girl clothing). Just click through the link: koleksi baju sincia terlengkap.

Okay then, Lovelies. Happy celebrating Chinese Lunar New Year!

*Thank you Matahari for sponsoring this post. All words written here are my own honest opinion.



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