Fitness video: A simple move that will tone your abs and arms at the same time

As I have mentioned in my previous post earlier this year, I have a goal for a healthier lifestyle and I've added a 'fitness' category in this blog. These days I try to move a lot and spend more time to exercise. I've been also digging more on videos of easy and (seem) effective moves that I can try out at home without having to buy any expensive gymnastic equipment.

For today's fitness video, I would love to share a video from Oprah's site that show you one simple move that is beneficial to tone your abs and arms at the same time. An exercise that we, moms, might need it more... So, here it is:

It's easy, right? If you don't have a dumbbell, you can use any other things that has some weights as an alternative for weightlifting, like a heavy book, a bottle filled with water, etc.

Now.. let's move with me, Lovelies! 




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