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I feel so excited when someone challenged me to do a lookbook showing off my favorite wardrobe pieces. So, here's my attempt to do it.

I call this "project" a super mini lookbook... because I had a limited time and --along with my hectic life as a mom of three-- a super limited chance (without being interrupted by the kids) to do it. Actually there are so many pieces that I love and I favor when styling my look, but in this post, I could only show you some of them. Honestly, almost all clothes I bought or picked are my favorites because I will only pick pieces that I really in love with, that suit my aesthetics, and I already had pictures in mind on how I would style it. Just like Vivienne Westwood ever said:
Buy less. Choose well. Make it last.
I couldn't agree more.

My first look (look 1) was inspired by Gucci Fall/Winter 2016. It was a mix of color dusty rose with deep tosca green (the rose tone is among colors of 2016 according to Pantone), accessorized with pearls, and spiced up with quirky glasses. Here's the inspiration from and my look:

The inspiration: Gucci fall/winter 2016, photographed by Tommy Ton.

I thought it was a sweet, chic yet edgy combination. However, it also looks so classic, and somehow reminds me of Audrey Hepburn. Love it! In this post, I wore my favorite 60's vintage pinafore dress paired with a tee in the same color, a dusty-rose shawl, completed with floral-printed socks with ruffles and sweet bow pumps. In fact, this is also my first time pairing those two colors...

Look 2: It was inspired by an image that pairing ballon-sleeved blouse with an H-line straight-cut leather mini dress. In this look, I paired my ballon-sleeved dress with an H-line leather minidress. The shawl was in terracotta to give a lovely contrast look with the peachy-pink of the dress.

Look 3: was an attempt to pair these 'on trend' flare-cut cropped pants in bright color with all black pieces. In the initial look actually I wore a scarf in black, too, yet I wasn't satisfied with the look. It looked too dark and gloomy. Then I changed the scarf's color into dark grey and accessorized it with a pearls-necklace. Now, it looks better!

Look 4: was a representation of my love of retro style; a 50's full-skirted pinafore, a lovely ivory blouse (can be a cardigan also) with lace ruffle on its sleeves, a black ribbon on the neck, straight-cut pants, and a pair of vintage-inspired T-bar shoes with chunky heels,  featuring my favorite color for dresses: dark navy, and this soft bamboo shawl.

Look 5: The center of this look intentionally is the dress. Unfortunately the details can't be seen clearly in this photo (I plan to make an outfit post featuring this dress in some future post InshaAlloh). I bought this dress especially because of its beautiful print that looks similar to the print of my dream dress by a New York based designer, Samantha Pleet, from her fall/winter 2014 collection: the Illuminated Passion dress.

     Samantha Pleet's Illuminated Passion dress.

I love that woodland-creatures print on Pleet's dress, but the dress is far out of my budget. Then I found this dress I wore, with similar print, in one vintage shop online in a more affordable price for me. I love its pretty 'floral and leaves' print and big pockets. The coat is vintage from my grandma and the shoes are one of my favorite vintage-inspired lace-up boots.

Outfit details:

Look 1: wearing old shawl and inner, vintage pinafore dress, old tee, old pants, fake-pearls bracelet, old socks and Cole pumps.

Look 2: wearing Maima shawl, old inner-scarf, peachy pink dress and leather mini dress (thrifted), old thick thigh-high socks, and Amanda Jane's by BeBob shoes.

Look 3: wearing Maima shawl, She and Che inner, dress (thrifted), pants (a gift), pearls necklace, old socks, and Amanda Jane's by BeBob shoes.

Look 4: wearing RA bamboo shawl, She and Che inner, blouse and pinafore dress (thrifted), a black ribbon tied as bow, old pants, old socks and Amanda Jane's by BeBob shoes.

Look 5: wearing old scarf, dress and coat (vintage), old pants, old socks and Shoeka shoes.

The black retro-style T-bar shoes with chunky heels and pointed-toe are definitely my favorite and my confidence-booster shoes (I wore them in three from five looks). They look so chic, especially with black socks, and are so comfortable to wear.

So, there it is. Hope you enjoy my looks!

One thing I'm desiring now is: if only I could bring this digital lookbook (or other favorite photos) out to life, whether in a form of photo album, photobook, framed or canvas print, or even a big poster in my room, it would be wonderful! And as far as I know, a service like Social Print Studio can do wonders at this, including in making stickers and magnets. This absolutely would be a more fun way to enjoy photos... Anyway, who can refuse a big canvas and stickers of their own gorgeous self?

Below are several looks of my favorites from my previous outfit posts. You can browse my old outfit posts here.

All photos are taken by me; Rania of Style Whimsical.




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