DIY: A very easy way to accessorize your scarf with a hanging little doll.

As I wrote in my previous post when I wore (and write a review about) UNIQLO x Hana Tajima SS16 shawl, I promised to share on how I accessorized the shawl with a hanging 'bear-head' doll accessory. So, here is the step by step on how I did it:

1.) Prepare your scarf and an accessory for it.
2, 3.) Cut the tag if the scarf is still new, so the loop/hole for the tag is now ready for the accessory. For old scarves, find their loop of labels.
4, 5.) If the loop is too small and you have difficulty to put the accessory's string into the loop, use a sort of tool to put in thread to a needle's eyelet. I need that tool when I put in this accessory's string to my Uniqlo's shawl as the loop was so small.
6, 7, 8, 9.) Put in the accessory (in this case, this 'bear-head') through its string-loop.
10.) Tighten up the accessory's string on the tag's loop.
11, 12.) Voila! Your scarf is ready to wear now.
It's very easy to do, isn't it?

Actually this 'bear-head' doll is an accessory for smart phones, instead I was using it to accessorize my scarf. You can use any other 'hanging stuffs' to do this; a bag's accessory, key chain, a brooch, your bracelet, the necklace, etc. Think creatively! Just keep in mind that this accessory should be lightweight so it won't tear off your scarf.

It is a great advantage if the scarf or shawl already has a loop for price tag or loop of its label -- and many shawls usually have this.

And if the accessory doesn't have a string, you can use a ribbon to tie it up on the scarf's loop.

Have yourself a try, Lovelies.. and share your pic wearing your creation on instagram (tag me @stylewhimsical and give hashtag #stylewhimsical ), so I can see your style...

Using a key chain:

Using a necklace:

*pictures by me*



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