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Last weekend's morning, I succeeded managing myself to go outside and take some time exercising... -- usually I did my workouts (I've been doing Freeletics for a while) at home. You know, as a mom, to have time going outside for sports or doing exercise is quite difficult. You have to prepare everything before you leave, such as already having someone who will babysit your little ones. Yet, this time I wanted to try doing this with others in the community and to get to know what "workout-menu" they came up with.

Fortunately, my sister was coming to town, and she happily took care of my youngest child and accompanied her playing during I did exercise outdoor. The weather was so nice also for them to play outside (at the same place with me) -- as well as to take pictures of me...

As you might already know from my previous post here and here, I just started out this whole 'healthy lifestyle' things. Trying my best to eat clean and healthy food, and to move a lot. Even though, in this 'fitness world', I'm no other than just a beginner. I did don some sports during high school and college, but it's a very long time a go.. Now I just have to start exercising all over again.

The moves looked easy to be done, but actually they didn't and had successfully made me exhausted. Even, I thought I did some moves in slow-motion.. In doing some moves or position, my body felt so heavy or stiff. And, there were times I couldn't finish a set. But the most important thing: I have done my best.

In the next morning after this, I had a quite bad muscle-sore for about 2 days. I couldn't squat after standing, and couldn't stand after in a squat position. Actually, I was happy with this muscle-aching. It's a good sign, isn't it? It means that your muscles had been working out and burning calories. So, I just have to keep it up by keep moving and do it as a routine.

Well, what kind of exercise do you do, Lovelies? Share with us here...

*pictures by Virtri




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