Outfit: Rainy Day

I was actually going to do some outdoor workout yesterday, but it ended up to be an 'afternoon walk'. I've already wore my 'workout costume'; underneath there were a jersey t-shirt, gymnastic jeggings, and a long-top/minidress as an outer, paired with sport shoes. Unfortunately, came the heavy rain.. so the workout was canceled. 

After the rain had stopped, I decided to do a little walk by the street, just for enjoying the fresh air after the rain, puddles of rainwater in the road, the green-ness of trees, bushes, and grass-field, and for just playing around with the kids. My clothes were a bit wet because I was walking under the trees whose leaves still had abundant raindrops on... and they poured these raindrops onto me.

long-top/dress (thrifted)
vintage denim skirt
old jeggings (jeans-leggings)
Tommy Hilfiger watch (similar)
Nike socks
old sport shoes
*pictures by IR, camera setting by me.




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