Style Crush: Rahmalia Aufa

I just recently stumbled upon this girl's instagram, and somehow her photographs attracted me. At first, I was attracted to her photographs and the Japanese vibe surrounds her; the busy-looked people walking on the streets behind her, the train, those cherry blossomed trees, the houses and buildings, the lanterns... -- I hope I will go to Japan someday.

But then, my eyes also get caught up by her style. I love how she paired the wide-legged pants with high-neck tee, socks and thick-sole wedges, the way she pulled off that wide-brimmed hat, I love her dress in the grass field, and I love on how she wrapped her headscarf in various way (and I know many of her scarves in these photos are Uniqlo's -- I'm a sucker for Uniqlo's crinkle cotton scarf nowadays). Right now she only has few posts on her instagram, yet she should be posting more of her looks in the future, because I love seeing them...

[Images source: Aufa's instagram]




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