Editorial: Get Up Stand Up

I love this editorial in Vogue US June 2016 edition, that was shot in rural Jamaica. Somehow I feel it channels a 'mother-daughter' photography, which I often took unintentionally these days -- little sweetie doesn't want to stay far from me. I really would love to take pictures like these with her some days. 

This photography especially inspires me on how to take a photo's angle and how to pose; with fences, on a busy street, 'lift-up the shoes' pose on beach photoshoot (as long as I remember, I always took photos on the beach without footwear, so mostly I forgot showing my shoes or sandals on 'beach-outfit' post), doing a 'back-and-front' look photoshoot with my daughter, the contrast clothes' color between mother and daughter, etc. The midi dress over pants also look so cool. I think I'm going to pin these images in my pinterest's covered-style inspiration and photography board.

[model: Lineisy Montero,Tami Williams - photographer: Jamie Hawkesworth - fashion editor: Grace Coddington - hair: Jimmy Paul - makeup: Dick Page - publication: Vogue US June 2016 - location: Jamaica.
featured designers: Ralph Lauren Collections - Balenciaga - Prada - Alexander McQueen - Altuzarra - Loewe - Céline - Saint Laurent - Calvin Klein Collections]

All images from Vogue via Visualizing Fashion.




  1. Such an inspirational. I was wonder your version would be like :))


  2. Wonderfullooks!!

    I have also started blogging and would love to share such stuff with readers. The Look Book: Introductory Blog


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