Outfit: 70's-inspired dream skirt

I've been craving for a buttoned-up a-line midi skirt in a camel-toned suede these past few months when Dresslink offered me to make a wishlist from their site and then pick one (or two) pieces for me in order to be featured here. So, a skirt of my dream is the first thing that comes to mind while I was browsing Dresslink's site. Unfortunately I couldn't find a piece exactly I pictured in mind, instead I found this a-line wool dress that I fell in love with, too. The skirt is made from wool with lining. It's a beautiful a-line 70's skirt. Along with this skirt, I also picked a cute owl print chiffon blouse -- I love blouses with pretty collar, embroideries, and/or novelty print.

I wore this outfit when I was picking up the kids from school. The skirt was paired with a black ribbon tied-up around the waist as a bow. The waist size of this skirt is a bit too big for me, so this 'bow-belt' helps me making this skirt fitted me (with just a few stitches I can make it fit to me actually). I really love this outfit, but then I realized that the pants I picked were less complementing the other pieces... I should've wore a more streamlined bottom or sleeker pants. Now I want another 70's skirt in this style yet in longer hemline, so I could just wear my jeggings or thick tights underneath.

Anyway, this skirt and the blouse are worth buying as they are so versatile so I can go mixing-and-matching them with many pieces I already have in my wardrobe.

old pants
old striped socks

*pictures by Lady Elmas, camera setting by me*



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