Hijab-Wearing Ballerina: Stephanie Kurlow

In love with these beautiful photographs of a young Muslim ballerina, Stephanie Kurlow, from Sidney, Australia. Actually I love watching ballet-dancing performance very much. Ballet dancing is so beautiful, and I think dancing ballet in covered-style costume adds a touch of elegance to ballet itself.

Back in April 2013, I blogged about a ballerina also a tap dancer in hijab, and at that time one of my blog's readers asked me if I knew a video of a ballerina in hijab dancing because she wanted to show the video to her daughter who happened to be loves ballet, too. Unfortunately I couldn't find one back then. Yet recently (February 2016) Huffington Post wrote about this young ballerina in this article and this, and there were a few videos showing her dancing. So I hope this post would inspires that little girl who loves ballet, too, and inspires all young girls out there to follow their dreams...

[Images: courtesy of Stephanie Kurlow via her facebook page, instagram and the Huffington Post; videos: courtesy of Björn Borg and Brianna Roberts via youtube]



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