Outfit: Big Trees, Sunlight, Denim Dress and A Hat; The Perfect Afternoon

One of the dress' types I feel comfortable in is a flare-style denim dress. I was used to be a 'shirt with jeans' kind of girl back then when I was in high school, college, until my early motherhood years.

My sartorial journey just began several years ago during my first years of blogging when I decided to wear hijab.. And it's easy to understand (especially if you are a hijab wearer, too) that during your first days/weeks/months or even years wearing hijab, you felt that you had nothing to wear. It pushed you to advance your sartorial skill as well as to re-build your wardrobe -- You felt that now you need to not only match your top with your skirt, but also with your scarf; you need longer sleeves, longer hem; or trying to make a flattering layered style. Now your socks might also jump into your consideration: now you like cute socks, also edgy socks, or black socks. Now you also think about what style do you want for your headscarf as you wrap it, to be matched with your outfit. I think that explains why so many -- even though not all -- new hijab wearer suddenly seem interested in fashion and outfit styling, and then some of them started their own fashion blog as their 'learning and self-expression' place and some of them started their own store/brand to provide more modest clothes that they think are inadequate in general stores. It's all simply just their way to find out "what to wear".

Back to the 'jeans girl'.. It's not that I didn't like wearing dresses back then but I'm too afraid to get myself out of my comfort zone by wearing a dress or skirt. Wearing a hijab, as well as blogging, has opened up my way to wear clothes and pull off certain looks I've been admiring. Perhaps not all of you will understand this, but this is how I feel. I love wearing dresses and skirts (especially in midi length and flared style). I love wearing scarves. I love layered style.

So, it's easy for a 'jeans girl' evolving her style into a denim dress. Denim fabric makes a dress felt not too formal and girly. It's also felt sturdy for daily wear. The length and the cut of this dress, also its ruffle embellishment feel perfectly me. As for midi length dress, I love it because I think it still gives "freedom" to my feet and is practical for my lifestyle. I did experiment with ankle-grabbed or floor-length maxi dresses, but never quite succeeded. I just don't feel confidence and secure in this type of dress.

Now, I'm enjoying wearing this midi length flared-style denim dress. Along with a bow-tied blouse with whimsical owls printed on it and my favorite hat, I file this look under outfits that feel perfectly me. Big trees and gorgeous afternoon sunlight also make their way to be filed into a scene that feel perfectly my taste of photography.

hat (thrifted)
owl print blouse (old)
denim dress (thrifted, similar)
pants (old)
Tommy Hilfiger watch (similar)
old socks
old sandals
*pictures taken by IR, camera setting by me*

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