Outfit: Mixing polka dots and squares pattern in black and white

I didn't mean to mix these two 'black and white' patterns of polka dots and small squares at first when I got dressed few days ago. I usually paired this polka-dotted dress with plain-colored scarves like a plain grey scarf, or a 'more vivid' golden yellow scarf. I originally wanted to pair this dress with my usual plain grey scarf when I saw this black-and-white checked shawl peek out from behind my wardrobe. Then I instantly thought that pairing these two patterns, especially with their similarity in colors, would be cool! They will get along together very well... and I was right (was I?).

To complete the look, I picked my khaki-colored pants -- if I picked black or white pants/skirt, it would be too matchy.. and there were times I didn't like being 'too matchy-matchy' -- and my red converse to add a bit pop of color! So, what do you think, Lovelies?

Outfit details:
dress (thrifted)
old pants
old white socks
*Pictures by Lady Elmas, camera setting by me




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