Outfit: Peeking through the window

Inspired by this image of a lovely mural in Japan I stumbled upon Andien's instagram, I posed mimic-ing the image when I took my outfit-pictures in front of this old house. The whole house is made from teak wood. It was passed down to my aunt from my great-great-grandparents.

I'm in love with the image.. of a little girl, wearing a pair of shoes whose size is bigger than her feet, peeking out through the window of a shoe-store. It was a lovely pic, and it crossed my mind when I took some pictures of me standing in front of the window.

My outfit was not so special. I was wearing my favorite pants and denim dress that I've been wearing so many times, and published them several times on the blog -- hopefully they didn't make you bored... (you can see me wearing this combo many times in these 'outfit posts'). I just changed the blouse/t-shirt underneath the dress, or wear it with an outerwear (a jacket, cardigan, or shirt), and with different footwear.

These pictures were taken using a simple pocket camera when I visited my aunt. She lives out of town, and I was busy with the kids, so I couldn't manage to bring my decent camera. For me, the pictures turned out not as good as I want.. I really hope I can take more gorgeous pictures of this house next time I come back visit -- of course with me posing in front of it.. ;)

Outfit details:
old shirt
dress (thrifted)
old socks
old sandals
old handbag
*Pictures by Mirsa



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