Outfit: There is beauty in stripes

There is beauty in stripes...

I am thankful for striped things –
   For rainbow socks and banded jeans;
      For tiger cushions and zebra-print bags;
The intonation of light and dark;
   For clouds that filter sun-rays onto mountains;
      For never missing a chance to be on telly.


(a piece from Alison Riley's poem. A Commended Poem of the 2012 Stanza Poetry Competition on the theme of 'Stripes', judged by John Siddique)

I was in the mood of wearing a pair of jeans and my comfy red converse for the day..

A cropped jeans with sneakers/converse seemingly are "everyone's favorite" and they're so versatile that can be combined easily with almost anything.. from a simple tee (for a casual look), tunic, shirt, a chic top, to dresses (for a more dressy look).

When it came the time to select a top to combine with them, I picked randomly, as usual. In a matter of picking which wardrobe pieces I want to wear on a specific day, it really depends on what I feel, or how my mood was going that day. My mood plays a huge role for influencing my 'outfit of the day'. As for this outfit, I just randomly picked this striped tee when my eyes scanning through my wardrobe. Somehow its striped things -- the beautiful intonation of light and dark -- attracted me. For me, stripes have a power to instantly up grade your 'so so' look into an edgy look just by inserting them onto your outfit.

Lastly, the outfit was topped off with my new favorite scarf; a scarf by Hana Tajima for UNIQLO SS16 collection. If I have to tell you, this scarf has been with me for almost every single day! -- Really.. this fact amazed me, too, because I usually have a difficulty in finding a perfect hijab style that fit my taste! I love its material (so comfort and breathable), its size (a perfect size for me), and primarily because I found a style that was a perfect fit for me from this scarf (with its unique design). So far, this style has been becoming my signature for these past few weeks...

Outfit details:
striped tees (thrifted)
jeans (old)
handbag (old)
Sunnies (old)

*Pictures by Lady Elmas



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