Outfit: Retro, Avant Garde, or both?

In the 'fashion world', most of us already known the term of retro and avant garde, as the two words that describe different style. Retro is defined as clothes, fashion, style, or design that imitate style or design from the recent past. While Avant Garde is defined as new and unusual or experimental ideas, especially in the arts, fashion, or the people introducing them. Avant garde can also be said as a style that is innovative, new, forward-looking, or modern.

In the context of someone's style, can someone has both styles, retro and avant garde, at the same time? The answer for me is: "Of course! There's no boundaries in someone's taste or preference of style."

As for me, I love retro style.. I also love avant garde style/design. Sometimes I'd love to look retro, sometimes I wore avant garde design, and sometimes I want to mix those two. Some people call this kind of style, of mixing or combining two or more style, as eclectic (deriving ideas, style or taste from a broad and diverse range of sources) -- Ha! There's another term!

Now that I love both styles, I prefer to define my style as whimsical. Whimsical means playful, quaint in an appealing and amusing way, full of whims, spontaneous, curious, changeable, inconsistent. So, because I use my wardrobe as a playing ground, and since my style could be interchangeable between those two, or mixing/combining them, I'd love to call my style as whimsical, rather than eclectic. The word 'whimsical' seems better describe my taste. Besides.. I love the word: whimsical!

Here.. I wore my cropped denim jacket combined with a unique-designed vintage dress and a H-line pleated maxi skirt -- even though PureWow said a pleated maxi skirt is officially out of style this autumn, I still love wearing it.

The dress, even though it's vintage, its design (bulge on the hips and embellished with gradual wide pleats), combined with small pleats and the color black from the skirt, plus the wide stiff-collars of the denim jacket, looks more of avant garde to me. A touch of retro comes from the hat. The flat brown sandals here were worn for a more practical reason than aesthetic...

The pictures were taken when I visited the Sultan of Yogyakarta's Palace; Keraton Ngayogyakarta Hadiningrat recently.

courtiers (abdi dalem) at Sultan Palace

At the end of the day, my mom asked me to swap our sandals so she could wear my flat sandals in exchange to her hand-crafted wooden-heels red sandals -- she was tired wearing heels. Right after we swapped our sandals, a tourist from abroad got interested in the sandals I wore and asking permission to take pictures of them.

So, here I am... wearing an ethnic-looked sandals with my retro-avant garde look.

Beside me is one of the courtiers at Sultan Palace
Outfit details:
Hana Tajima for UNIQLO SS16 collection's shawl (similar: AW16 shawl)
old denim jacket
vintage dress
old skirt
old socks
flat brown sandals (old)
wooden-heeled sandals (old)

*pictures by Lady Elmas, camera setting by me



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