Three Designers I love from StyleWe: Jungle Me, Bo Caster, and To My Fair Lady

It's always interesting to find out that the pieces you love or pick were accidentally came from the same one designer. When StyleWe invited me to browse around their site, and see whether I love clothing pieces at their site, I did surf around the site and fell in love with several items. It's quite a surprise for me when I found out, most of my picks belong to the same designers/brands. There are three designers/brands whose pieces I heart.

First, Jungle Me. Jungle Me's pieces are my favorites! They are charming, sweet, lovely, whimsical with novelty prints, and I love the cuts.

Then, Bo Carter. Their design is more loose and casual. My picks from Bo Carter are leaning more towards their autumn-y pieces -- I'm a big fan of autumn-inspired clothes with rich earth tones --. And I especially love their brown synthetic leather skirt.

And last.. To My Fair Lady. Their collection is quaint, retro/old-fashioned ('50s inspired; fitted top with flare skirt), a bit fancy and lady-like. I especially in love with their fabulous sleeves-design and collars!

You can see their complete collection through the links above (just click-through the brand's name).

As an information, StyleWe is an online fashion shopping platform featuring many independent fashion designers at their site, as their tagline; Designers at Your Fingertips. This kind of platform helps independent designers building their brands (by showcasing their talents through clothing-design at a site that can be easily seen by wide customers around the world), nourishes them with all the works they may need (production, sales, etc.), and connect them with customers worldwide. So that, they can be more focus on design and creativity. As a customer, it's good for us to have a wide-range various options of design and find unique high-quality fashion that fits our taste better.




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