Outfit: Deep in the green rice field

Entering the month of October, as the autumn season starts, many influential designers, international runways, and fashion bloggers that mostly based in the cities of four-seasons countries are enthusiastically showing their autumn-winter collection and outfits.

Yet, for us, who lived in tropical-weather countries, seasons are only divided into 'dry' and 'wet', where in both seasons the climate, on the average, is always felt hot. So.. -- even though I'm an 'autumn-y outfits' lover -- it seems not practical for us to wear an outfit with many layers, or wear a leather jacket, a woolen plaid skirt, boots, rich autumn-y colors (such as mustard, maroon, other deep dark colors). We tend to wear whites, pastel colors; a cotton, linen, or chiffon pieces, and a pair of sandals, just like people mostly wear in spring and summer in the four-seasons countries. The different is we wear this "summer style" all year round. However, we always manage to wear these "out-of-the-season pieces" (the autumn-winter clothing pieces for us, such as jackets, cardigans, boots, etc.) whenever we feel we want to wear it or each time we have a bit chance to wear it! :D

These outfit pictures were taken when I took a walk into the rice-field in "my backyards" (it's only a few hundred meters behind my house). The sun poured its rays heavily. The climate was felt quite hot. So, a white cotton blouse, comfortable skirt, sandals and a lightweight chiffon cropped-top as an outer seem are wise pieces to wear, along with this super-comfort cotton scarf by Uniqlo and this traditional conical farmer-hat (called caping here).

- Rice Field -
If you made yourself disappear
deep in the green rice field, it’s not hard to imagine
you can hear the grain churning
milky sap into each solid seed,
the grassy blades whispering, giving in to the winds
and weights of the dragonflies, bending

farther from the sun. Hidden from eyesight,
on the dirt division between the rice fields, sunning frogs
belly-plop into the water, erupting
like raindrops tearing up the face of the pond.
The snails uncap their suction-
cupped mouths, letting go
as ankle-deep water rushes up,

..... (poem by Peauladd Huy)

wearing: Hana Tajima for Uniqlo SS16 scarf (similar: the AW16 scarf), old white blouse, blue floral cropped top as an outer, old skirt, old socks and sandals, fake-pearls bracelet, Merry & Pippin floral purse (a gift from my sister).

*pictures by Virtri




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