Outfit: Royal Horse-drawn Carriages at Kareta Kencana Museum, Yogyakarta.

I'd never seen royal (Sultan of Yogyakarta's) horse-drawn carriages from a very close distance before. So, it's quite exciting when I got a chance to see them personally (not in the midst of crowds when these carriages usually showed up).

Actually, the museum I think is not quite a museum where the things preserved in it are only to be seen and not to be functioned anymore. It's also a "parking lot" for these horse-carriages where, when needed, they can be took out and be functional. In some particular occasions, such as Sultan's daughter's wedding or Sultan's inauguration, these horse-carriages were took out from the museum to be used.

There are about 23 horse-carriages were preserved here. They are so old, yet still can "run". Some of them even were made hundreds of years ago. The oldest one was made in year 1750s.

These horse-carriages are so amazing. One carriage, named Kareta Kencana / Kareta Garuda Yeksa, which is specially used for royal inauguration, was partly-covered with gold and made in year 1861. The accessories on theses carriages are so beautiful as well! I love the lamps and the wheels. My favorite is the horse-carriage which functioning to carry Sultan's children (the pic is right below); it's not too glamour but looks like it comes out from a fairy tale!

And... to match this museum visit, why didn't I wear a 'horse-carriage themed' outfit, like this lovely horse-carriage print dress I found in a thrift shop?
-- and I definitely need a 35mm lens!

in the background is a 'partly-covered with gold' Sultan's inauguration horse-carriage (Kareta Garuda Yeksa)

Outfit details:
vintage dress (thrifted)
old pants
old socks
'Kapan Libur' small sack-bag (a gift)

*Pictures by Lady Elmas, camera setting by me



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