Wardrobe Organization Tips: The most efficient way to organize your closet

Are you like me, who always struggle in the morning trying to put together a decent outfit for the day? And the routine usually ended up: I was running out of time, and wearing the same outfit or the same combination.

Recently PureWow, one of the fun sites about women's lifestyle, wrote an article about closet-organizing tips that said this problem is probably caused by the organization of your current closet that slowing you down in the morning (or evening, maybe).

I'd been separating my wardrobe by item (blouses with blouses, skirts with skirts, dresses with dresses, pants with pants, scarves with scarves, etc.). It had been that way until I changed my closet-organization into separating my wardrobe by color (white with white, black with black, blue with blue, yellow with yellow, prints with prints, etc.). Then, I went back organizing my closet by item. During all that time, I often thought that it's still not an effective closet-organization for me. I often still felt 'there's nothing to wear' when I was trying to cobble together an outfit in the morning.

So, when PureWow shared this tip on closet-organizing and claimed that it's the most efficient way and will ease my morning routine, I was so excited and thought that this tip is probably a great idea. Soon I'm going to set a few hours for me to re-organize my closet (and list some of my gently used items at my instagram shop).

Wondering how? Check out the tip at PureWow: The surprising way to organize your closet (and ease your morning routine), and tell me what you think.

*Photos by me.



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