Eight fall/winter boots I love from Ericdress

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Entering the month of October, and then into November, there aren't any other things that be the most 'sought after' pieces than boots, socks and sweaters for strolling through a pile of autumn leaves -- or walking through deep puddles in rainy days in my tropical town. 

Heeled and tall boots' type seem more practical for this season. As for the model, there are a wide-variety model of boots out there, from vintage-inspired designed boots (which I love), the classic ones, modern, minimalism, edgy to ultra edgy. 

I love boots which has a classic or vintage-inspired model like oxfords/brogues, has a sleek shape with minimal embellishment, flat or low-heeled, and they better made of real leather in fine craftsmanship, so they will last forever. I'm not very trendy, so it's not a matter for me if I only have a few shoes/boots as long as I really in love with them.

As for the heels, occasionally I'll wear my high-heeled boots but only to figure out (again) that I can only wear them in a short term in a short distance. So, I'm not a 'high-heeled girl' also.

Well, recently I took a peek into Ericdress' boots collection. At a glance, their collection looked super trendy for me and most of them are high heeled (which is actually not my style). But, as I browsed thoroughly, I found several pairs that fit to my taste (you can see which boots I picked in the pictures above).. And surprisingly, my favorite one is the burgundy ankle boots (picture number 2 from top) which I think they look more of modern and edgy, yet ultra feminine with their pointed toe and sleek shape. The color also is my favorite for fall shoes. I instantly fell in love with these boots.
  • Boots in the most top picture are the classic vintage-inspired ones. 
  • Boots in the picture number 2 from top are my favorites. 
  • Boots in the picture number 3 from top have beautiful colors of autumn --pumpkin and oxblood-- with wedge heels, 
  • and boots in the last picture are the classic tall boots with buckles. I love these three pairs also because they are flat and low-heeled.
How about you... what model of boots do you like?

You can see the complete collection of Ericdress' cheap high heel boots here. And sneak a peek also on their cheap winter boots here.

*a sponsored post by Ericdress, but all the words written here are my genuine honest opinion.



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