Outfit: 'Chocolate nuggets' dress

Like I've ever said in my previous post here, I love polka dots print/motif.. yet, I love dots-look-alike motifs (apples, oranges, cherries, duck-eggs, ladybirds, white clouds, little balloons print, etc.) more because they're felt more special and individual. Such as this dress I wore for today's outfit post, the motif is not quite a 'polka dots' but rather (in my mind) look like chocolate nuggets... --Yes, it's the first thing that came across my mind when I first saw this dress! And that also, besides its cut and fabric, what made me instantly fell in love with this dress.

I should've worn this dress in a candy store while eating chocolate nuggets - which happened to be our (the kids and I) favorite!

I love this accidental pics' combining which making me seem little and was looking at a giant window..

Outfit details:
old scarf
dress (thrifted)
Lacoste jacket (thrifted)
old pants
old socks
Precise shoes (old)
Scoop canvas tote bag (a gift)

*pictures by Lady Elmas, camera setting by me



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