Outfit: Orange

Orange! ..and red, are the colors you almost never see me in. It's not that I've never been drawn to orange clothes in my wardrobe. Actually, I love autumn-y colors, so including orange -- even though, when possible, I prefer terracota than orange. But here, especially in the place I live in where you won't see much orange around here, I just think that orange (and red) is too bright.

Orange.. is picked to be stand out. It's also a popular color for the local 'parking guys' here (you know, people wearing an orange-vest who have a job managing the parking lot and the traffic when someone wants to park his/her vehicle or out from the parking lot entering the busy streets), and for the traffic cones and other signs which are being colored orange to be stand out. They are in bright orange for safety reason so that they will stand out in the midst of traffic and get people's attention. So, it feels a bit awkward (perhaps it's just me) to wear lots of orange (as a headscarf, dress or jacket, let alone orange vest).

If I lived in a four-season country especially in autumn, I might rock the 'orange' confidently, simply because the color blended smoothly with my surroundings (= the autumn's leaves).

Wearing orange also add a bit feeling of self-conscious to me, and people more likely will turn their head to bright colored outfit -- the thing I don't feel comfortable with when people turn their head to you just for observing your appearance! Yet strangely, I could wear yellow comfortably even though yellow is one of those bright colors, too. Yellow seems more natural to me. It's just like the sunshine which is so abundant here..

Even so, I love a bit 'pop of color' on an outfit. My favorite is to put on this 'pop of color' as my socks! I love bright colored and patterned socks, combined with dark, plain or monochromatic clothes and shoes. I love seeing those colors or pattern from your socks stand out! Another favorite way to add a bit of 'pop of color' is through accessories; a brooch, a bow-ribbon, etc.

As for today's outfit, I tried to add this 'bit pop of color' from my pants. Combined with a midi dress, the orange color wouldn't dominate the whole look. It acted just like a pair of socks or tights which peep out of the bottom of your dress.

The orange backdrop is really a surprising coincidence. I was visiting a museum, then initiated to take few snapshots of my outfit there without realizing that the backdrop was in the same shade with my pants. I just came to realize this while I was at home editing the pictures. What a sweet coincidence!

*Uniqlo scarf, Cinema Club dress (thrifted), old pants (similar), old socks, The Things Corner shoes, old bag*

Outfit details:
dress (thrifted)
old pants (similar)
old socks
old bag

*pictures by Lady Elmas, camera setting by me



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