Diana Kotb's Winter 2016 Collection

I'm dealing with (heavier than I'm used to) typical routine "home works" mothers and/or wives usually are, so since I have so little time working on my blog right now I decided to share this Diana Kotb's Winter 2016 collection's pictures that has been being a draft on the blog for some times. Diana, an Australian fashion designer for modest clothing, has been debuting her Winter 2016 collection several months ago. I've been admiring this collection (and the photography), but not ended up sharing this on the blog as I planned to. Now that I re-found these images on the blogger's draft, I would love to share these stunning designs with you -- even though it's been a little too late because winter 2016 is already here. Yet, great clothes are timeless... They are lovable and enjoyable to be seen or to be worn year after year.. long after the making.

[Images courtesy of Diana Kotb]



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