Outfit: Cropped flare pants

I'm into flare pants lately. Not the 70s flared pants, but rather something more modern or avant garde, and cropped! I could wear them comfortably simply because I felt this style fits-in to my personality and it seems that they are flattering my figure. Another reason I love this kind of pants is I could playing up with my socks; wearing interesting socks in bright colors or patterned. Anyway, I think this style of pants/trousers looks far better combined with heels...but for these days I prefer wearing flats.

These pictures are taken in Keraton Ngayogyakarta Hadiningrat... It has one room where Royal's old drinking-water storages, old water-boiler kettles, and some dining sets are being kept. It was really nice to see them!
Outfit details:
cotton-denim scarf (old)
dress (old)
Lacoste jacket (thrifted, similar)
old trousers (similar)
old socks
old handbag

*pictures taken by Lady Elmas, camera setting by me.



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