Outfit: Stripes and Floral Print, featuring Wudhu-Friendly Tights

Stripes... sometimes they are just too versatile to be stand on their own. I've seen so many people pairing stripes only with plain (solid colored) clothes. It actually is so good! The stripes will stand out and the wearer looks so edgy and stylish. Yet, their styles look the same to me...

I personally love wearing stripes with other prints; floral, tweed/squares, geometric, even polka dots. One thing important is that I strict to only two prints appearing in one outfit, hoping it won't look 'too busy'. It's also better if you could match the hues of those two prints --stripes and another print--, so that your appearance looks more sleek. But if you want to have fun with your outfit by matching two completely different prints in completely different hues, it's all up to you --you could throw all fashion rules out the window anyway, and still, there's always a chance you will look stylish other than look 'too busy' or slouchy.

In today's outfit post, I'm wearing blue stripes paired with floral print that happens to be having a blue hue, too, in it (so, it's really an advantage!). This outfit was put together spontaneously, as usual, when I was looking at my wardrobe in the morning. I instantly had an urge to pair these two as my outfit for the day. The blue shirt gives a fresh, cool look to the warm cream-brown-dominated skirt. The stripes toughen that romantic soft floral print. A masculine collared button-up shirt, as a top, balances the femininity of a skirt. The others remain plain... even I matched my cream cotton tights with my shoes in exact same color.

As for the tights, I love them a lot. They have a subtle opening underneath the ball of your foot to make taking wudhu easy. Made from rib cotton or cotton-spandex, the fabric is thicker than usual nylon tights yet cool and comfortable to wear --I wore the rib cotton ones in this post. The cut also is looser than usual tights so that the fabric doesn't cling to your body. 

If you've been following my blog since years ago, I've been dreaming of these kind of tights... In 2013, I ever wrote about my dream wudhu-friendly tights. I actually had been intended to make them myself but never realized. You can't tell how happy I am to find these tights.

The only downside is that these rib cotton tights can get a little lumpy where they fold under your feet. So definitely a more improved-design of these tights is needed, better in the near future. You can buy these tights at my insta-shop if you're interested --I help selling them since I love these tights so much (and they have been becoming a perfect match to my midi dresses!).

UPDATE (30/3/2017): Now shop_stylewhimsical are selling more improved wudhu-friendly tights made of high quality premium nylon. The cut is fitter and sleeker, so that they look far neater when being worn. No lumps or folds around ankles and knees. You can see me wearing them here.

navy scarf (old)
old shirt
skirt (gift from my sister)
gold ring (gift from friends)
old bag
Soludos Dali Espadrilles (Shopbop c/o, sold out, the gray one is available)

*pictures taken by Lady Elmas, camera setting by me



  1. Combination of stripes with floral prints looks pretty good.


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