Outfit: Wearing a puffed sleeves ruffles blouse with a 70s-inspired skirt

I really have no idea what title should I put on this outfit post, so I just described my outfit of the day as the title --could you perhaps give me a suggestion? I'm not good at giving a title on my look or on my outfit post. I had a hard time doing it. It's the same hard as uploading a look to my Lookbook then I've been asked to give my look a title! I usually ended up describing the clothes I wore as a title, or titled my look with numbers...

This outfit was inspired by an editorial image I've ever seen somewhere on the net. It showed a combination of a puffed sleeves ruffles blouse with a 70s-inspired A-line skirt. I was so in love with the look, and I remembered I had a blouse and skirt similar to the ones worn by the model so it's a look that I could easily pull off.

The blouse I wore was from my mom and the skirt was a sponsored piece by DressLink I've got several months ago. Actually I wanted a suede skirt in camel or in a bold autumn color, instead I found this black-and-white woolen skirt which I love a lot, too. And I found myself really enjoying this look.

It was also the first time --as long as I remember -- I put on a bold colored lipstick on a casual day just for doing my daily routine activities. I thought I need a red colored lipstick to freshen my face other than those nude colored ones I usually put on. 

My pick for this 'experimental act' was a deep red colored matte lipstick from a local brand, Purbasari, code 93 Beryl.. Yes, one of those phenomenal lipsticks I knew from the biggest beauty-review site in Indonesia, Female Daily! I was intentionally looking for which lipstick that would be good for me and found this one that had many positive reviews; from the beauty editors and other members on the site. The color looks pretty on the screen, so I bought it without testing it out directly to my skin/lips. When I received it and then put it on, I thought the color is not what I expected to be.. it was too dark for me. Still, it's really a good lipstick; long lasting, soft, easy to apply, and leaving you with a pretty stain at the end of the day, so I wear it anyway. Yet, I'm on the hunt for other red shade...

old blouse
old pants
shoes (old)
Scoop canvas tote bag (a gift)

*pictures by Lady Elmas, camera setting by me



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