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I've been a bit into makeup lately. It's not like I want to know how to apply a complete makeup like for going to a wedding party, glamorous event, or other similar occasions.. I just want to know how to apply a bit makeup to freshen my face; like pulling off a bolder lipstick and how to make a winged eyeliner. Surprisingly, recently I was invited to join the Rimmel London campaign by SheKnows to spread the words out about Rimmel London 'Get the Look' App. This new Rimmel London app is a beauty app that lets you try any look you're inspired by. That's an interesting app I think.

You can snap any photo of your favorite makeup look, whether you find it in a magazine, beauty ad, or a makeup look worn by your friend, a model or celebrity, and then you can try out that look on your face. The products will magically appear on your face to try it on live. Then you can share the look you've made-up with your friends on social media. You can also shop recommended products that complete the look right in the app. Isn't that cool?

I'm quite a beginner in the world of makeup, so an app like this would be so helpful for people like me, at least, I think, to learn and find which makeup style suit my face.

I would love to try it out and get this app myself, but it seemed that this app only available at App Store in several countries, including UK and US, but not worldwide. So, when I tried to install it, there's a pop-up notification on my screen telling that my Indonesian account is not valid for getting this app --you better try to download it yourself, and please write down in the comment section below: your country (if you don't mind) and whether you can successfully installed the app or not. I'd love to know...

If this app sounds good to you, why don't you download this app and.. like Rimmel London said, experience makeup like never before!

*This post is sponsored by Rimmel London 'Get the Look' App as a part of a campaign with SheKnows. All opinions are my own.



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