Want: Karmen Sweater from Ria Miranda 'Legacy' SS16 Collection

First time seeing this sweater worn by an Indonesian fashion designer, Restu Anggraini, I instantly fell in love with it. This 'limited edition' Karmen Sweater has an edgy modern design with its two-tone colored look and beads on, yet also has a strong ethnic touch from its embroidery embellishment. The embellishment on this sweater illustrates the Minangkabau traditional headwear of Indonesian culture (Suntiang), handcrafted from beautiful embroidery and beads. A right combination of edgy and ethnic that make this sweater should get on my board of the Un-refuse-able Pieces! 
However, like any other pieces in my wishlist, the price tag of this beauty is being far out of my budget. So, for now, let me just enjoy admiring it...

[Pictures taken via instagram; Courtesy of @gyaanandini (top), @riamirandasignature (left), @restuanggraini (right)]



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