Outfit: Blush and Bubbles to brighten up an Overcast Day

If you see British vintage style in some old movies or photographs in 1980s, it's common to see a long-sleeved blouse or shirt being worn underneath a short-sleeved suit/dress. I remember seeing an old photograph of Princess Diana holding little William in her arms while sporting this style; a white ruffled blouse worn underneath a short-sleeved red sailor dress. An old 'Mr Bean' movie-scene was also showing this style pulled off by a woman in a department store; blouse/shirt worn underneath a short-sleeved pink suit.

Before I wear hijab, about eight years ago, and in the first few years I wore it, and before I have a courage to pull off vintage style (I have a thing for vintage clothing and retro style since ages ago when I was still a teenager --too much reading on European or American vintage children books with images of people wearing "cool" style, and watching old Western movies-- but never thought to pull them off until I started my style blog), I never thought to pair a long-sleeved shirt/blouse with a short-sleeved dress/suit. I had always thought that long-sleeved blouse or shirt can only be worn underneath sleeveless dresses (so, no un-necessary bulky-ness at the upper arms as with short-sleeved dresses).

This thought definitely was also influenced by my home-country's tropical climate where sporting 'layers' is not common and most of us here simply aren't naturally good at it. We just can't think of wearing a dress which already has sleeves (short sleeves) with a blouse/shirt which also has sleeves (long sleeves). So, from practicality's point of view, it's like: "what's the point (to wear them at the same time)?!" --Let alone wearing long-sleeved shirt with long-sleeved cardigan as we commonly see in four-seasons countries...

Until I wore hijab and I'm still in love with those beautiful vintage dresses that often has short sleeves, and when I found out that 'layers' can spice up your look, I have been learning to 'layers' (including picking the right fabric to match --to reduce possible bulky-ness, and not to forget to test out the outfit's comfort for restricted arm-movement caused by layered sleeves-- and how to mix textures). I can now easily, and enjoyably, mix and match my blouses/shirts with my short-sleeved dresses/suits.

Regarding to my early talk about British 1980s-style of ruffled blouse paired with short-sleeved dress/suit, in today's outfit-post I wear my short-sleeved vintage dress, not with a ruffled blouse, but rather with this victorian bell-sleeved shirt (I have featured this shirt also in my previous post here) since I just want to style up this shirt differently other than under a jacket, sweater or cardigan. This shirt's fabric is a bit thin.. So, actually wearing a short-sleeved dress over a long-sleeved blouse/shirt is really another great option for hijab-wearers if you think your shirt's fabric is a bit thin or sheer but you want to show off its gorgeous collar or its unique sleeves.

The vintage dress and the midi skirt I wear here, which are bought at different stores in different time period, are coincidentally having a very similar textured fabric, so having them put together looks like a perfect match to me.

That day as we planned to play outside was overcasted with grey clouds, and I thought a blush outfit would brighten it up... (no?). But little sweetie did something more brilliant to cheer us up that day is that by taking those colorful bubbles with her. Yet, it wasn't long... until it started to rain.

Outfit details:
vintage shirt
vintage dress
skirt (thrifted)
Sammydress clutch (sold out)
wudhu-friendly tights (@shop_stylewhimsical)
shoes (old)

*pictures by Lady Elmas, camera setting by me.



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