Outfit: Yellow

It's funny that I seemed frequently stumbling upon things or places or surroundings that match my outfit's colors. It's actually a real coincidence, but when I think again, it could be because I'm too conscious and began identifying things surrounding me that has similarity (colors, pattern, etc.) to the outfit I wore (that people usually might not notice)... Like when I visited a museum wearing orange in my previous post and when I took a walk with little sweetie and we found out that those yellow-black lines on the streetside match our outfits, and when recently I spent some times in a garden whose flowers' color matched my headscarf.

And this one also... In today's outfit post, my cardigan by chance matched these lovely tiles of Sultan of Yogyakarta's great palace I visited a few weeks ago. I was wearing a mocca pinafore I bought secondhand and paired it with this yellow cardigan, simply to brighten up the nude tone of mocca. And then I met these beautiful tiles, that eventually brighten up my pictures... aren't they?

Outfit details:
old headscarf
cardigan (thrifted)
pinafore (thrifted)
old skirt
old socks
Soludos Dali Espadrilles (c/o Shopbop, grey sold out, black and 70% off striped available)
purse (vintage)

*pictures by Lady Elmas, camera setting by me



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