Outfit and Style Tips: Wear it simply with a fine dress and wudhu-friendly tights

Based on my observation and from my own experiences, as a hijab wearer, most of us tend to wear complicated or layered outfit (we call it ribet in Indonesian language). It basically is natural, since we are wearing clothes for not only cover our body, but also our full arms and head to toes (except the face). So, we also wearing a scarf, with an inner-scarf inside; and some ladies are wearing pants under their dress, plus sock; and sometimes we need a long-sleeved top/jacket over our dress to cover our arms, and so on. Not to mention the jewelries (pin, brooch, necklace, bracelet, ring, etc.) we sometimes wearing, too...

Even though I'm a big fan of layered outfit (I love combining textures, colors, shapes, graphics in an outfit), but there were times I was in a "lazy mood" or felt "running out of time", and I just want to wear my outfit simply.. yet still look polished.

An easy solution, that probably almost hijab wearers know, is by wearing a long-sleeved maxi dress and an instant (slip-on, no pin needed) hijab/headscarf. It's really an 'easy' outfit for a hijab wearer. I frequently wear this kind of outfit especially when I drop my kids at school in the morning! -- you're most likely know what I mean if you're a mom, too.

As for your information, there are so many stylish and easy-to-wear instant hijabs being sold out there, online or offline -- I found that some of these insta-shops; Misis Devi, Idola Collection, and Heaven Lights, are selling instant hijabs that look fabulous and comfort to wear.

But, when at the times when all you want to wear is a "simple" outfit -- just a piece or two --, yet you still want to look exquisite, my advice is wearing a 'one piece' FINE dress. Whether it has intricate details, delicate embellishments, lovely ruffles, fancy pockets, unique collars/sleeves, or beautiful embroideries. It's all you need! Just slip into this 'one piece'.. and voila! It's easy and you instantly look polished. As a vintage clothing lover, I definitely prefer vintage-inspired dresses, like this Edwardian-inspired dress which has intricate details and lovely ruffles at collar and sleeves.

If you are a girl who used to wear pants/leggings plus socks underneath your dress, you can opt-in for a pair of wudhu-friendly tights instead, to be worn underneath your dress... since they are simpler to wear compared to 'two pieces' pants plus socks. In this outfit post, I wore cream cotton wudhu-friendly tights which I love so much to be worn with dresses.

Do you have any other idea on wearing a simple outfit yet still look stylish? Please share your thoughts below.

Outfit details:
vintage dress
old handbag

*pictures by Lady Elmas, camera setting by me



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