Two new fashion pieces that will ease your days as a hijab wearer

Before I talk about what two new things that are quite essential for hijab wearer, I want to talk about one piece that had made a big change in Muslimah fashion.

For me, the very first revolutionary piece in Muslimah fashion is the inner-scarf/underscarf so called ninja headdress or inner ninja (I wrote about it during the times it first designed). Not like any other inner or underscarf at that time which only covers the hair, this 'one piece' inner ninja covers, not only your hair, but also your neck and bosom. Since then, it has changed the way Muslim women (who wear hijab) styling their hijab and outfit. Muslim women have more "freedom" and flexibility in styling up their clothing the way they want to wear, without worried exposing their neck and bosom. I remember those days when I felt like 'now I have the flexibility to wear almost everything I want to wear, I can be more creative in wrapping my headscarf, I can show off the pretty collar of my dress, wearing my fake-pearls short necklace, sporting turban style, etc.'

And since its first design, the inner ninja has been evolving into a wide-variety of design. For example: inner ninja's first design has a hole in the back of head functioning to adjust the hair if needed. It also has a velcro strap at the back of neck for closing. Then, the 'velcro part' changed into a tie and buttons, and then changed into a zip for more coverage and neater look. And now its modern design also come in full-covered (without an open hole at the back and without a 'closing' part. It is fully covered and simply slip it on to wear) -- Personally, I prefer an inner ninja with an opening or hole at the back so I could easily adjusting my hair bun if I need to.

At later times, there were also inner ninjas which designed with an attached cropped sleeveless tee, similar to ResportOn sport hijab. There were also some of inner ninjas designed with asymmetrical look or 'crossed' look at the forehead for an edgier look. These inner ninjas could be also contributed in inspiring the designs of modern sport hijab as we know now, like Capsters or the most recent Nike sport hijab.

Now back to the title... what two new pieces that I thought would give Muslim women an ease in wearing hijab?

First, woolen or knitted underscarf/inner-scarf.

As I mentioned earlier, the inner-scarf like inner ninja is an innovative piece. Many hijab wearers fall in love with it. But... there are also hijab wearers that feel like 'these inner ninjas are just not for them'. Honestly, I'm one of those women who is not quite comfortable in inner ninja (it's very useful, anyway, and I think I'll be still wearing an inner ninja in some occasions if I need it), particularly because of my neck closed with fitted cloth. I prefer wearing inner-scarf in a form of bandana or beanie look-alike.

But there's also a problem with wearing a bandana inner-scarf. It keeps slipping down to the back of my head. Almost all inner-scarf sold out there are made of cotton-spandex or jersey fabric, so they could easily slip back down, and this really bothers me! I have to keep adjusting the inner and tuck in my hair back underneath the inner. I ever tried a lace inner, but it still felt a bit loose/saggy and less clutched.

And now a few Muslimah clothing brands and stores are selling inner-scarves made of woolen or knitted fabric. Actually, I haven't had a chance to get my hands off them, but from the reviews I read and the sellers' claim, it's an anti slip inner-scarf because of its woolen/knitted material. It won't easily slipping back down and it keeps your scarf stand still (ajeg in bahasa Indonesia). It's also quite elastic but not felt too tight -- so I think this is what I've been looking for!

[UPDATE: I've tried it on, and it is quite what I expected it to be.. Love it!]

Few insta-shops I know that sell this knit inner are Maima Shawl and What Moslema Needs.

But if you prefer not wearing inner-scarf and the things you want in wearing hijab are speed and ease, then you need the instant hijab. Just slip it onto your head, and voila! you're ready to go. No pin needed, no time needed to wrap it up. And some of  its designs allow you to not wearing inner.

There are so many brands and stores selling instant hijabs in a wide variety of designs. So, simply pick what best for you. Yet, you'd better estimate if this 'relatively unaltered' instant hijab you want to buy will fit (sit properly) at your face or not. Several insta-shops that I know sell chic instant hijabs are Misis Devi, Idola Collection, and Heaven Lights.

I personally recommend wearing inner/underscarf since it could give your hijab a neater look and your hair won't easily slipped out of your headscarf.

The second is wudhu-friendly tights.

I've been dreaming about these tights since 2013 (I even wrote about it in my old post here), and have written about them in my previous posts: here and here. They're actually more of leggings plus socks in one (tights are usually very fitted, thin and delicate. Leggings are a bit looser and thicker than tights but without feet-covering).

These wudhu-friendly tights have features like leggings (thicker and a bit looser than tights) but they're also covering your feet (like tights). What makes them special is that, not like usual tights, they have a subtle opening underneath the ball of your foot, so that you can simply roll these tights up when you want to make wudhu/wash your feet. These tights are popular here with name 'legging wudhu'.

These tights/leggings are a great companion for midi skirts and maxi skirts. As we might already know, many hijab-wearer Muslim women wear pants or leggings underneath their skirts, and some of them might add socks to their outfits. So, instead of wearing pants or leggings plus socks underneath your skirts, you can change them into these 'simple one piece' tights/socks-leggings, and you don't have to repeatedly deal with 'putting on and taking down' your socks.

Since I'm so in love with these tights, I'm also selling them on my insta shop: shop_stylewhimsical, so hopefully there will be more and more people find these tights useful. For now, there are two materials available for these tights: nylon and rib-cotton. I personally love the nylon ones as they look neater when being worn (not folded at your ankle).

*Pictures are taken by me.

Well.. what do you think of these pieces?



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