Outfit and Photography Tricks: The 'Always Curious' Alice in Wonderland

Like I told in my previous post, few days ago we're heading to a beach first thing in the morning. In this trip I really hoped I could capture beautiful 'sun flare' in my photographs. Based on what I've been reading (and a bit learning on my own), sun flare in photograph is caused by the sun rays that have direct access to the inside of our camera's lens. It can make your photograph looks washed-out, or, in the opposite, make your photograph looks warm and magical with golden glow while keep the focus sharp. To create sun flare in photograph your lens must be pointed towards the sun, but this will make your entire photo look washed-out. So, to achieve magical 'sun flare' photographs without being washed-out is quite tricky!

Usually (but not always) we can get beautiful sun flare in photographs when the sun is quite low, near the horizon, at early morning or afternoon. One important trick to get it is to filter the sun or cut through the sun rays. So, even though your lens is facing towards the sun (to get sun flare), you have to compose your frame somehow so that the sun is partially blocked or its rays are being filtered through some things (leaves, tree line, branches, hill, etc.) to reduce the sun's strong lights that can make your entire photo looks washed-out. Or, you can change your position (move a bit to the right or left), so the sun would be out of your frame or be right in the edge of your frame. Or, you can cut through the sun rays by changing your angle (shooting from the top of your object so that your lens is pointed downwards). You can also use your hand to shade the front of your lens to manually block the sun rays -- as long as you can shoot using only one hand. Or, you can put yourself or your lens in the shade instead; such as behind the tree, while your object is out there poured by the sun rays.

Unfortunately, today's outfit photos do not implement this 'sun-flare photography' techniques as I planned to... When we arrived at the beach, it was a chilly overcast day. The sky was covered by grey clouds. There's no sun lights. When finally the sun starting peeking out of the clouds, it's almost midday and the sun was already high. Even though it's not a reason to not get beautiful sun flares in our photographs, yet we're about to leave the beach. Still, I managed to take few photos of my outfit that day, and then I cleaned up the kids off the sand, packed our stuffs and left the beach. Besides, you can always have the sun flares anywhere, right? Even in your own backyard...

I love my outfit in today's outfit post. I wore my favorite boater hat, my polka dress in my preferred midi-length, chiffon blouse, a pair of quick-dry swimwear-leggings (they are necessary when you're playing at the beach yet still want to wear your dresses), and these comfortable Soludos Dali Espadrilles.

As for the scarf, it was new, given to me the day before we headed to the beach. It's a limited edition of licensed products of Walt Disney Indonesia. There are the classic Minnie Mouse, Cinderella, Princes Elsa and Anna of Frozen, Belle of Beauty and The Beast, Rapunzel, Snow White, Little Mermaid, Tinkerbell, and if I have to choose, still my pick would be The 'always curious' Alice in Wonderland scarf. I love its fresh color blue and novelty print... Underneath the scarf I wore my staple knitted inner that doing a great job in keeping my scarf neat and my baby-hair on the hairline covered.

Disney scarf
American Eagle Outfitters straw boater hat (old, similar)
Forever21 blouse
vintage dress
swimwear leggings

*pictures by Virtri



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