Outfit: the Classics

Some of the wardrobe pieces have been categorized as classics. Like these pieces I wore in this post; the black-and-white striped top, H-line dark-colored skirt, these velvet T-strap black heels, including this saddle bag. 'Fashion classics' is defined by things you'll wear forever. You can wear them all the time, no matter what the trend is at the moment. Many stylists suggest that we should invest in classics for our 'capsule wardrobe'. It's true. It's a smart/safe buy.

But, what if you aren't into those pieces categorized as classics ? The answer is simple: so they are not classic pieces for you. If you prefer to buy trendy or "odd" fashion items and then you wear them all the time for years, then they could be your "classics" since they achieve the same result of longevity.

As for me, I love this striped top simply because of its collar, so it might be not a true classic for me -- but the collar is, I think! Yet, I'm so in love with this dark grey skirt. I love its textured fabric, its shape and midi length. I also love this maroon saddle bag and these velvet T-strap heels. They're just fulfill my sartorial aesthetic and suit my style. I wore these pieces all the time. They have been mixed and matched many times with other pieces in my wardrobe. So, these three pieces are definitely are my classics because of their versatility to be easily re-mix with other pieces and to be wear in many occasions.

I think the first important thing about categorizing thing into classic is that it should come with love (it suits your sartorial aesthetic) and with versatility. That is what would make it be worn "forever". So, unless that's what you want to wear, don't buy classic.

And please... ignore those mud and grasses on my velvet shoes. I wore them to the grass-field the day before and haven't had a chance to clean them up!

Outfit details:
striped top (thrifted)
skirt (thrifted)
wudhu-friendly loose tights
Amanda Jane's by Be-bob shoes (old)
old handbag



  1. Hai mba Rania.. Suka sama gayanya, free, simple, casual, santaii...


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