Outfit: Lovely simple dress for your days

Simple little dresses with cute or lovely details are my favorite! Like this dress I worn, it's a simple long-sleeved minidress with solid color blocks of brown and cream, with a cute peter pan collar and button-accessories. It's sweet and simple. As you might felt it too, for a hijab wearer, long-sleeved top or dress is definitely allowing you to dress so simple without the need for layering. Paired it with long skirt or pants.. voila! you're ready to go.

As for the shoes, I love classic-style shoes like these black t-strap heels, jazzed up with bright colored or unique patterned socks. In an outfit like this, I just felt confident and ready to enjoy the day! Like someone has been saying, 'clothes definitely add a certain "mood" to your day'.

By the way, these couple of weeks have been hectic for me, particularly related to the kids' school-matters; prepared for exams, first-born graduated from elementary, searching for junior high... All done during the breaks of house-keeping works and doing my errands. Yet still, I tried to manage to steal some times for this little blog and cherished every moments with the kids.

Hope we all have wonderful weeks to come, and... ohh, Ramadhan is right around the corner, so happy fasting, Lovelies, and have a blessed Ramadhan!

cherry print scarf (old)
dress (thrifted)
old pants
old socks
Amanda Jane's by Be-Bob t-strap heels

*pictures by Lady Elmas



  1. Mbak, sepatunya lucu banget, deh. Saya lebih sering pakai sepatu kets sebetulnya karena memang lebih nyaman. Tapi kalau lagi butuh pakai sepatu berhak, lebih suka model begini. Haknya gak terlalu tinggi dan tebal. Suka lah pokoknya :)


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