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Happy Eidul Adha, Lovelies... Hope you all have a blessed Eid.

In today's outfit post, I mixed my favorite 60s-inspired tweed dress, which has a H-line shape, with a t-shirt and a long fluffy skirt. I love how they went along together and also felt quite comfortable in them.

The hijab style I'm sporting here actually was not quite successful according to what I intended it to be at first. The scarf's material is too slippery to be shaped, so I modified a bit the wrap I want to and it ended up like you see in these pictures. I bought this scarf because of its color; rust -- one of my favorite colors. Unfortunately the material is not a material I prefer for scarf because it's quite difficult to wrap. But if you like a flowy hijab style, this scarf might work.

Anyway, wearing a long skirt usually is not my preference for daily wear. My favorite style for myself is a knee-length dress with trousers; Or, skirts and dresses in midi length (the hemline falls around mid-calves or few inches above the ankles). In these styles I felt more confidence and comfortable. It's a style that expressing 'me' more. As you know, each person has a style of their own, a style that she/he loves, a style that she/he can pull off confidently and comfortably -- yet of course this style preference may be change as time goes by.

Frequently I found a dress that I love and would love to wear but unfortunately has short hemline -- like a mini/above-knee length dress. So, my trick is by adding length to its hemline; I wore it mixed with a midi skirt underneath and a pair of long socks or wudhu-friendly tights. If you're a kind of 'mori style' girl, you can add a petticoat (inner skirt) with laces/embroideries at the hemline in midi/maxi length underneath. The layering look from this clothing-mix even got me more into this look.

How about you? What style or look you are into?

old t-shirt
vintage dress as an outer
old skirt (bought in a local store)
Converse shoes (old)



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