[Tutorial] Side drape hijab style

When I was in search for some information on the net, I stumbled upon this tutorial of hijab styles. The looks are quite unique and fit to my aesthetic. Not like a usual wrap most of us don when we're sporting a pashmina. She makes a side-drape look by folding the pashmina in half and bring its edge onto the forehead to create the drape; then wrap the rest of the fabric around the neck.

I love these style. I love the drape look. It's unique, suit my style, and easy to do. One thing you should take note to pull off this wrap is that you need a WIDE pashmina/rectangle-scarf. At first, I tried this wrap using my cotton scarf size 180 x 70 cm and it didn't work for style 1 and style 2 as its wide didn't give enough coverage to the back of my head. Then, I used my wider scarf. So, to be safe, you need a 'minimum 85 cm in width' scarf.

This tutorial is by Zeinah Nur who has been making lots of interesting videos on YouTube since long ago. I've been wondering why do I just know her now? This tutorial also has been published since about a year ago (in March 2016 to be exact). Anyway, there is no 'out of style' style as long as we love it.. right?  ;)

Side note: For your DIY project, you can add a line of lace, crochet or embroidery as a list on the edge of your plain hijab to make your hijab more beautiful or look vintage-y, just like the hijab on that video tutorial.



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