Visiting the Museum of Biology, Yogyakarta

The Museum of Biology, Yogyakarta, is not completely a new thing for me. I visited it few times when I was in college taking the environmental biology field of study. 

Last year I visited it again with the kids thinking that they would be excited to walking around and seeing things inside, and they were. 

There's not much changes to the museum since I was in college, even, I think, there's almost nothing change since then. Honestly, I expected I would find something new interesting things at the museum, since it has been years ago since my last visit. I think there would be new specimens or new museum's lay-out/display, or now it has new interactive games or digital information like those at the modern museums. I might be expecting too high.. For new visitors, like the kids, they were quite excited and having fun looking at those things (animals, skeletons, etc.) they've never seen before. But for me, as a repeated visitor, I really hope this museum can be so much more better than this... more interesting; a place we'll be excited to visit again and again, a place we could learn more and more about biology then and now (how about combining a museum--biology then-- and a laboratory--biology now-- in one place? More like a 'Jurassic Park' perhaps..) 

Or.. Should a museum stay like it is because moving old things around has a high risk of damaging them because of their traits which is fragile and need very careful handling?

So tell me.. how is your experience at the museum, particularly a science or biology museum? What part do you think need an improvement?

As for the outfit I wore, I super love combining these black-and-white checkered patterns on my shawl with the black-and-white polka dots print on my blouse!

Outfit details:
polka dots blouse (from my mom's bestfriend)
grey maxi skirt (bought at a local store)
vintage fake-pearls belt
old black socks
ballet flat (from my sister)

outfit styling and photography by me



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