I'm Rania, a mom behind this blog.

Welcome to my fashion and covered-style blog, Style Whimsical

I started this blog in October 2009.

At first, this blog was meant to be my private archive about anything interesting I found on the internet that is related to hijab in Islam. As the time went by, I found myself became more and more interested in creative hijab wrappings, covered-style inspiration, and also fashion in general; So, I added those things to my blog and I made this blog public with a name Fashioning Faith (fashfaith.com).

After blogging for few years, blogging has been influencing my personal style. I've been more into retro/vintage fashion these days. And as my style evolves, so does this blog.

Now this blog is my artistic personal style blog that features my outfits, as well as style inspiration from the runways/designers/brands or even the streets, style crush from people whose style I adore, magazine editorials, illustrations, styling tips, wardrobe remix, headscarf-wrapping tutorials, and other various visually inspiring things.

The blog's title is also changed to Style Whimsical to reflect my style-interest. This blog becomes a media for me to express myself, burst my thoughts, embrace my passion in fashion, and for sharing things I love.

You can dig my blog's archive where you can find my outfit posts, style inspiration (from readers' style, the streets to runways), hijab tutorials, outfit ideas and hijab styling tips, wardrobe remix, my DIY (do-it-yourself) projects, fashion trends, designers, hijab for sports, editorial, photography, and other visually inspiring things. Plus... a bonus: a bit story of my life [read: my ramblings], also my fitness journey.

About me:
I'm a mother of two active young boys and a baby girl. I love reading, blogging, tasting food (sometimes cooking), doing some exercises (such as jogging with my kids, freeletics and pilates), taking pictures, styling up my wardrobe including the scarf I wear, watching people's style on the street, reading fashion blogs/sites, reading blogs/sites about blogging and photography, watching FashionTV, BBC Knowledge, enjoy doing my errands, and traveling (even though I do not travel much..). I'm also in the process of learning photography and improving my English skill.

That's it, a bit about me and my blog..

If you need further details about my blog's statistics, social-media engagement, the brands I've been working with, the press this blog had been being featured on, etc., I am more than happy to present you my verified Fohr Card.

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Thank you so much for stopping by!

-- Rania


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